Mr. Signer has shown repeated disrespect for his role and its limited, collaborative powers as specified in the City Charter. Specifically,  the Mayor has shown a public inability to work with City Manager Maurice Jones and Police Chief Al Thomas.

Mr. Signer has taken unilateral action as Mayor, including the posting of public statements and official declarations, without authority received from the City Council.

Mr. Signer has entered into an agreement with the City Council as a result of his repeated attempts to overstep his authority, which requires he now “will meet with senior city staff only when another councilor is present,” as reported by Kathy Galvin to the Daily Progress newspaper. Such an agreement, while necessary in light of the mayor’s repeated unilateral actions unauthorized by City Council, nevertheless diminish his ability to function effectively as Mayor and diminish the reputation of the office he holds as well as the City of Charlottesville.